DIY Kit - White Chocolate (discontinued)

DIY Kit - White Chocolate (discontinued)

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This kit is a great alternative for those who feel confident to customise their Joy-Con or those who want to pick up a new hobby.

You may receive colors opposite to colors shown in the picture.

If you have a preference, please leave a note in the special instructions section of the cart.

- Pair of custom Joy-Con shells & buttons
- Pair of matching thumb grips
- Pair of new analogue sticks
- Pair of metal locks
- Pair of matching side rail indicator LEDs
- Matching hexadecimal color code

- Custom shells & buttons in soft-to-touch matte finish
- Buttons will be sent pre-cut and fitted into the Joy-Con shell for ease of installation
- Hexadecimal color code provided to change your Joy-Con colour to display in the console

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We're working on a written & video guide on how to install our DIY kit.
At the moment, we recommend using: -

Changing Joy-Con color displayed in the console:

Calibrate your analogue sticks after installation:

Recommended tools
- iFixit Precision Bit Driver - Y00 & PH00 screwbits as these tools are precision machined (we personally use this kit ourselves!)

Color Matched LEDs

Custom Rail Flex

Original Rail Flex PCB replaced for a custom ones with matching LEDs surface mounted.

Intuitive installation

Pre-cut buttons

Buttons pre-cut and fitted into the Joy-con shell ahead of time to ensure ease of installation.

Lifetime lock durability

Metal Locks

Plastic locks replaced for metal locks, meaning your Joy-Cons will not slide out of the console during use.

Not just physical

Programmed Firmware

Firmware programmed to show custom colours with jc_toolkit

I need to know more!

Check out our videos

We document our process behind the scene!