Dreamcast - Smoke Black

Dreamcast - Smoke Black

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Experience all of your Dreamcast Classics in true lagless digital to digital integer upscaled 1080p with this completely modded console. This extensively modded console is fitted with an Optical Drive Emulator (ODE)  allowing you load your entire game library of an SD Card. No more disc wearing and enjoy faster load speeds!

(This console is sourced pre-owned prior to restoration, and may have surface imperfections)

1x Modded Dreamcast Console
1x Original Dreamcast Controller
1x Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable
1x Leicke 90W Power Supply Adapter
1x Official Sega Dreamcast Controller
1x Official Sega Dreamcast VMU
1x 256GB SD Card for GDEMU

- Re-Shelled & Cleaned
- Retrobrited (H2O2 UV Treating)
- Coated with 303 UV Protection
- DCDigital
- Fully Recapped
- Cable Managed
- GDEMU v5.15b (clone)
- Custom 3D Printed GDEMU SD Card Mount
- Noctua NF-A4x10 5V
- Custom 3D Printed Noctua Fan Mount
- CMOS Battery replaced
- Polyswitch Controller F1 Fuse
- New Power Indicator LED
- Mini-Box PicoPSU 80w ATX PSU
- Custom PicoPSU PCB Adapter
- LEICKE 90W Power Supply Adapter

@citrus3000psi - Dan Kunz
@chriz2600 - Christof Harnischmacher
@collingall - Greg Collins
@terraonion - Terraonion

HDMI Output


Digital to digital lagless AV output via HDMI and Integer upscaling to 1080p. Original hardware never has looked better on a modern display.

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No need for discs


Store and enjoy your entire game library off an SD card or SSD. No need to wear down your original disc and enjoy faster load speed in-game!

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Whisper quiet and cool

Noctua Fan 40mm

The original louder fan has been replaced by a industry leading SP optimised Noctua fan, mounted with a custom 3D printed shroud.

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Not just physical

Preventative Maintenance

Out of sight but not out of mind. Old components replaced to increase console lifespan and improve usability.

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