GameCube - Char Red
GameCube - Char Red
GameCube - Char Red
GameCube - Char Red
GameCube - Char Red
GameCube - Char Red

GameCube - Char Red

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Experience all of your GameCube classics in true lagless digital to digital 480p! This modified GameCube houses a Pluto-IIx XC3S200 allowing for an internalised HDMI output, and its original optical drive replaced with the GC Loader meaning easy storage and access to your entire GameCube library off a single SD Card.

(This console has been sourced pre-owned prior to restoration, and may have surface imperfections)

1x GameCube Console
1x Official GameCube Region Compatible Power Supply
1x HDMI Cable
1x Official GameCube Controller
1x Official GameCube 59 Block Memory Card
1x 256GB Micro SD Card

- Shell cleaned inside out and Retrobrited (H2O2 UV Treated)
- Disc Lid Jewel Polished and Waxed
- Fully Recapped
- GC Loader & 3D Printed Mount
- Pluto-IIx XC3S200 HDMI Board & 3D Printed Mount
- Noise Blocker XS-1 50mm Fan upgrade & 3D Printed Mount
- CR2032 Battery Holder
- Region set to NTSC-U from NTSC-J.

@gcloader - gcloader
@emukidid - emukidid and contributors
@ikorb - Ingo Korb
@citrus3000psi - Dan Kunz
@collingall - Greg Collins

HDMI Output

Pluto-IIx XC3S200

Internalised digital to digital lagless AV output via HDMI at native GameCube resolution. Built on ikorb's GCVideo open source project.

gcvideo github

No need for discs

GC Loader

GC Loader preloaded with swiss. Enjoy Intuitive use, 100% compatibility with the full GameCube library and many great features like running emulation off the GameCube.

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Whisper quiet and cool

Noiseblocker XS-1 50mm

Mounted with a custom 3D Printed mount. Silent operation without compromising on the cooling of hardware.

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Out of sight; not out of mind

Preventative Maintenance

Due to the age of the console, surface mount capacitors have been replaced with high quality Panasonic capacitors.

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