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Frequently Asked questions

For our EU customers, please refer to our Etsy shop for your purchase.
If there are any products that are currently not available on our Etsy, please don't hesitate to send us a message!

Since Brexit, EU customers will now be charged VAT on orders upon arrival and are responsible for these fees that apply.

If you are unsure which fees apply to you, please check with your local customs office.

The main difference is how the Joy-Con is sourced.
Restored Joy-Con may have replaced internal parts to bring them back to feeling brand new. e.g. New side rails, new cables, new IR camera, batteries etc.
The replacement parts we source are OEM or as close as possible.

Both brand new & restored options are official Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.
Joy-Con are customised with brand new shells and buttons.

Tracking information is unavailable for standard delivery.
If you have upgraded your shipping to tracked and haven't received your tracking number in your dispatch notification email please get in touch with us!

We 90% of the time dispatch orders every Wednesday as there's currently only two of us to do all the work, so please bare with us :)!

If the item you have ordered is a pre-order please refer to the estimated time of completion (which will be in your order confirmation email). Some times setbacks may occur and we try our best to communicate this when it happens.

If you're looking for something particular that's not listed on our store we may be able to create this as a custom order.

Please get in touch with us to discuss!

As part of our send in service we include drift repair without any additional cost!
Unfortunately we do not offer drift repairs only.

For calibrating your Joy-Con we've created a video guide on this

If you find that your Joy-Cons aren't sitting securely on the console anymore, it's likely the plastic lock in your Joy-Con that's been worn down.

We've replaced the original plastic locks to metal ones for better longevity.

You can check out our video here

On the rail of the side of the Joy-Con, there are light indicators that indicate player number and syncing.

We've changed the original green LED to a custom colour to match the theme of the Joy-Con.