some things are best shown

Allow us to describe what we do in video.

old but not outdated

modded consoles

Relive our original childhood living room memories with modified hardware built for modern televisions.

Be spoilt with a plethora of features found in our current generation of games consoles, on original hardware for our retro game classics.


custom controllers

Custom controller designs we've always wanted but never got. We're here to make the controllers of your dreams.

Better than we remember


Once consoles that kept us company during long journeys, now a main stay in the living room.

Discover and explore the generations of games we've never had a chance to fully experience.

Custom GBA

Custom parts

3D Printing

3D printing helps us as a small business lower the required threshold of consumption to produce, allowing us to keep our footprint small. Perfect for remaining eco-friendly when producing specialised parts on a smaller scale.

Design philosophy

Our design philosophy is form and function. Beautiful but practical. Much is considered to create a complete product that functions well, in and outside of use.

Recycle Program

Buy from us, and send us your old and used for a partial refund on your order. Allow us to give them second chance.


Spray Painting

Spray painting the custom artisan designs for truely unique pieces of art.