Joy-Con Jig

Joy-Con Jig

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Perfect for those who work or plan to work on a number of Joy-Cons, this tool will significantly make the process of disassembly and assembly easier. After a considerable amount of time spent improving workflows with Joy-Cons, we designed this jig.

- Pair Joy-Con Jig

- Elevates Joy-Con shell to allow analogue sticks and buttons to remain still.
- Implemented hook eyes for ease of storage.
- Foam pads placed to protect the Joy-Con shell when placed in Jig.

By makers for makers

Improved workflow

Elevates the shell to allow for analogue sticks and buttons to remain still. Much needed tool for assembly/disassembly.

Protection from scratching

Foam Padded

Foam pads help stabilise, lower rattle and protects the Joy-Con shell from scratching against the plastic.

Life after work

Storage after use

After use is storage. Thus we have implemented hook eyes for easy and clean storage.

Maintaining Small Manufacturing Footprint

Printed with PLA

Not only designed by us, but also made by us. 3D printing offers a reduced footprint to small scale manufacturing, lowering consumption for production, perfect for specialised parts like this.

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